Candidates debate, Thursday November 8, 2007. Moderator, Kerry O’Brien

O’Brien: Welcome viewers to the 2007 candidates debate. Prime Minister John Howard and Opposition leader Kevin Rudd will debate the key issues that have emerged through this long federal election campaign. John Howard won the toss and he will begin the opening statement.
Howard: Ladies …
Rudd: .. and gentlemen …
Howard: … of Australia …
Rudd: … good evening.
O’Brien: Right. Thank you both. Now, could we begin with the economy?
Howard: Now, as never before there is a compelling case…
Rudd: … for the people of Australia to chose between …
Howard: … the rock solid economic responsibility of the Coalition …
Rudd: … or the rock solid economic responsibility of a Labor Government.
O’Brien: The environment, gentlemen?
Rudd: Climate change …
Howard: … is one of the biggest challenges …
Rudd: … we face as a people …
Howard: … and as an economy.
O’Brien: Health?
Howard: Like he said.
Rudd: But I haven’t …
Howard: Exactly.
Rudd: That’s our position in a nutshell.
O’Brien: You both appear to be in vigorous agreement.
Howard: Oh, yes. And the choice has never been clearer.
Rudd: Never. Clear as day.
O’Brien: What about Industrial relations?
Howard: We stand by our reforms. Labour would drag us back to the industrial dark ages.
Rudd: Absolutely.
O’Brien: Sorry?
Rudd: Well, he has a point. Fair enough. We only want what’s best for working families.
Howard: …and the great state of Queensland.
O’Brien: This is ridiculous.
Howard: Quite so.
Rudd: No doubt about it. You were right to say that.
O’Brien: Gentlemen thank you and goodnight.
Howard: It’s goodnight from me …
Rudd: … and it’s goodnight from him.

Peter Fray

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