Green hasn’t caught on in India — yet. Less than 40% of websites of the top 500 businesses in India have a web page on environment. If information on corporate websites is seen as a reflection of priorities, most businesses are unlikely to market green products in the near future. This is baffling when one considers universal concerns about climate change and global warming. Will markets change? — The Economic Times

British take responsibility for their environment. A major new survey undertaken by the Office for National Statistics shows a shift in public attitudes towards the environment and who should take responsibility for it. Figures showed a definite trend towards environmental awareness and ‘greener’ behaviour – 80 per cent of people said that they felt they had a “duty” to recycle household waste. — Environmental Transport Association

Republican about-face on global warming? There have been some interesting developments in the past few weeks that leave open hope that the current Congress could actually take on the global warming issue directly and in a bipartisan way. — Frank O’Donnell,

Working green: 50 tips to reduce your office’s waste — Science Alert