Nothing like an election . Crikey understands that leading gay and lesbian community representatives are meeting Malcolm Turnbull on Friday and a whole string of Coalition MPs today. Amazing what an election can do.

A word you can’t say on the ABC . Journos came away chuckling after talking to Wilson Tuckey yesterday morning about his letter calling on the PM to stand down. Why? It was one of his lines. The Sydney Morning Herald ran it: “The letter that we managed to recover, or the girlie did, is marked personal and confidential, which might have been a good idea if she had read that.” It seems, however, that the ABC can’t use the word ” girlie“.

Johnny Be Gone . As not heard at karaoke down at the Holy Grail last night:

Down in Bennelong there’s a seat that leans
Not safe for Liberal, Labor, even the Greens
We have a dodgy government that is no good
Led by a Liberal boy named Johnny Howard
Who never ever learned to govern so well
But he could play the electorate just like he’s ringing a bell

No, no, no Johnny I said no
No Johnny no no, no Johnny no no
No Johnny no no, Johnny be gone!

He gave our country a GST tax
And even took us to war in Iraq
People supported you once, but no more
Rudd and Labor are gonna wipe the floor
People in the street, they wish one day:
Very soon, oh Yeah, we will say:

No, no, no Johnny I said no
No Johnny no no, no Johnny no no
No Johnny no no, Johnny be gone!

Costello told him ok, you can be the man
And you will be the leader of our big old band
Now all the polls say, you will go down
As tired and old, you will be renowned
The country, together will be a sight,
Sayin’ Johnny goodbye tonight

No, no, no Johnny I said no
No Johnny no no, no Johnny no no
No Johnny no no, Johnny be gone!

ABC and ALP, the love-in continues. ABC sports presenter Angela Pippos confirms she was approached by Labor to stand in Steve Bracks’ vacated seat of Williamstown. She won’t be signing up however, she has a book to write, which means we can’t add her to our list of ABC journos making the move to Canberra.

Beware the body roll: Education Minister Julie Bishop has accused Sydney’s Davidson High School of hijacking the Rock Eisteddfod to protest the Iraq war during US President George W Bush’s visit for the APEC summit with its perfomance Bad Knight II. Click below to watch the blasphemous depiction of the Leader of the Free World twirling a baton:

But when it comes to points for originality of theme, Davidson High falls short. Crikey wants to see the burning Federal election issues portrayed through the power of dance. The Housing Crisis, set to Pink. Interest Rate rises conveyed through a Running Man/Moon walk/Body roll combination ending in The Worm.

Send your theme (which must reflect a subject from the Australian political landscape) and accompanying song to [email protected]. Our top five entries will receive a copy of The Crikey Guide to to the 2007 Election Guide.

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