Can Pauline Hanson defy all the odds and return to Canberra? The Redhead has lodged the required documents with the AEC for her party – Pauline’s United Australia Party and the process is advertised in today’s newspapers.

The gloves are now off well and truly as was revealed when Hanson appeared on the Today show this morning. Her treatment by the smartarsed ‘low rent’ Today hosts and the subsequent viewer complaints by email and telephone attest to Channel 9’s continuing nosedive in the ratings.

Hanson is standing for a Senate spot in Queensland and support for her is still well and truly out there as evidenced by the response coming into her Queensland office. Hanson is still Hanson and she reminds critics to refresh their memories by reading her maiden speech.

Since 1996 the question of Muslim immigration has become a big issue for mainstream Australians and she is calling for a moratorium on any further Muslim immigration. An MSN poll at 11.40am today had 12,520 people supporting her with 4,629 against!

From now on Pauline Hanson will be ruthlessly attacked by the elitists and ethnic lobbyists who think that they are so much better than the rest of us. Just watch for the bile and hatred that will spew out in all media outlets but which will ultimately translate into a lot of support and sympathy for her.

Hanson needs to run a hard campaign and must man all the polling booths to be in with a big show. She will get lots of free publicity and even in the most remote backwaters everyone knows who Pauline Hanson is.

The major parties will right now be frantically working out how they will treat her in any preference deals. Times have changed and putting Hanson last could well backfire seriously on Liberal and Labor.

Peter Fray

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Peter Fray
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