The end of the war. All the media nonsense about who won the store wars — Jennifer Hawkins for Myer or Megan Gale for DJs — is just a distraction. The war officially ended last week when DJs announced Q4 sales of 12.1% and a full year increase of 9%. I am a Myer supplier and was told that in the corridors of Myer’s Lonsdale St headquarters, you could have heard a pin drop when the results were announced. Myer will deliver one of their biggest annual profits ever thanks to savage cost reduction, but sales are going backwards with the key businesses of men’s women’s, footwear, accessories and homewares (and others) all well down. DJs was up 9% for the year, don’t be surprised if Myer is down a similar (or greater amount) when they announce next month. DJs’ stunning growth has to come from somewhere… There’s a growing sense of deja vu at Myer about another set of supermarket boys trying to run a department store.

From the grassy knoll: You are making up “retirement letters” for the PM. I tipped you last week that these arrangements are already in hand. Believe me — this is real and it is supposed to happen immediately after the APEC meeting. Could it be before? By the way the election is set for December 8th.

From another grassy knoll: Colleague & I had a business meeting with Mal Brough last Friday where we suggested a date for the election as 3/11. Mal indicated 17/11 as more appropriate. Then quickly added “but not sure” Think he spilled more than he intended.