Tiwi Island traditional owner Adam Kerinauia lost his fight in the NT Supreme Court yesterday, but there is every indication that it ain't over yet. Apart from the issues raised in Kerinauia’s case, there are many other aspects of the Tiwi Land Council’s administration of land and business management on the Tiwi Islands that are of serious concern and attention, not only for the Tiwi but for many who’ve been casting a keen eye from the mainland in recent years.

Adam Kerinauia applied for an injunction and declarations in relation to the Commonwealth’s proposals for a 99 year lease of the Bathurst Island township of Nguiu, the largest of the Tiwi Islands. Kerinauia’s case was that the landowning group for Nguiu, known as the Mantiyupwi Group, had been fundamentally misled about the future permit arrangements for Nguiu under the proposed lease.