Sun cycle tells global warming story. Planet-wide heating and cooling of the atmosphere during the 11-year sunspot cycle has been measured for the first time. Climate-change sceptics may seize on the findings as evidence that the sun’s variability can explain global warming – but mathematician Ka-Kit Tung says quite the contrary is true. — New Scientist

10 solutions to save the ocean. We asked a select group of innovative thinkers to go out on a limb. What string should we pull to give marine conservation a decided edge? Here are their answers… Eat More Anchovies — Conservation Magazine

Climate change for Dummies. Commenting on our post about the next climate change battleground, one reader lamented the lack of easy-to-grasp information about the scope of climate change, whether it can be averted and what an individual can do. If we can avoid the bad effects of climate change, said LM, then it makes sense to try. But if not, why not just enjoy a few more decades of CO2-spewing fun? Good points, and I figured I’d try to list a few helpful resources. One great website is GreenFacts. They have a climate change section arranged as a question-and-answer tree, with the answers based on reports from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. — Brandon Keim, Wired Science

Outback views on climate change outdated? A man paddling and pulling his kayak from Brisbane to Adelaide to promote the need for action on climate change says he is disappointed with the sceptical nature of outback Australians. Steve Posselt, who is pulling his kayak along the Darling River road due to a lack of water, says that many rural people do not believe in climate change. He says he did not expect so many people to doubt what the majority of climate scientists agree on. — ABC Rural

A slow start to extinction. A snail you’ve probably never heard of on the far side of the world was declared extinct this week. Normally, that wouldn’t be worth mentioning. But this was not your typical extinction; it may be the first tied directly to global warming. — NPR