An emission mission. Greenhouse emissions from the Commonwealth’s Department of Environment and Water Resources have increased to 637 kilograms per person per year according to its latest annual report (compared to 544 kilograms per person in 2004-05.) That’s a 14 per cent increase in a single year. The Full Annual report is here.

More public holidays, by George! I have just heard from a member of staff who has a relative involved in APEC planning with the NSW Police Dept that there is talk of an extension of the Friday September 7th public holiday to cover Thursday as well due to a change in the travel plans for George Bush.

Ros Grady – next High Court judge? A surprise candidate on the Federal Government’s shortlist to be the next High Court judge, to replace Justice Callinan, is Ros Grady. Unlike other candidates, Ros is a practising solicitor and she is currently the Managing Partner of the Melbourne office of prestigious law firm Mallesons Stephen Jacques. Ros is one of Australia’s foremost lawyers in the areas of banking and finance and anti-money laundering.

No election until next year? A friend of a friend etc tells me the word on the floor of the parliament by the peasants who work there is that the election won’t be held until early next year, that is, the latest time possible. Also: Comcar drivers are being shipped to Sydney and accommodated etc, for duty at APEC. More expense.

Kirk to drop kick Jaspan. You are right about David Kirk, the captain has been turning around the ship – but if he does not get rid of Ron’s mate – Andrew “Chucky” Jaspan, The Age will gasp its last breath. If The Age was not giving away papers to schools in the tens of thousands each day, there would be little circulation to talk about.

DIAC salaries. Further to your story on DIAC spending, one of the main areas of growth has been in SES staff and salaries. Perhaps if more money was spent on staff at the level of actually delivering the services to clients, the budget “shortfall” would not be hitting so hard…

A lot of money at stake. If Ch7 rejected an offer of compromise in the C7 case, should they have to disclose that fact to the market? It has significant cost ramifications if they did because it potentially renders them liable for costs on an indemnity basis (rather than solicitor/client). There’s $50-75 million at stake on the question.

McMullan in a Rudd Ministry … it won’t be for long. Lacking factional support it would be hard to give him a senior portfolio. He’s 60 so will get a diplomatic posting and not serve out a full term. The factions within will line up for the seat of Fraser but things will balance out as a few other old warhorses will also be pensioned off overseas, so the factional balance will remain largely unchanged.