As the tsunami of chest-beating, self-indulgent and mad ego driven comment regarding non-citizen Dr Haneef starts to recede, the rest of us mere mortals can get on with our lives.

The 60 Minutes mailbag response dealing with the Haneef story was overwhelmingly in favour of the Howard Government but of course Channel 9 viewers would be considered uneducated morons by the Burnsides and Frasers of this world.

The treacherous Legal Fifth Column has had a field day with Haneef along with those media maggots who have become participants – long gone are the days of responsible editors demanding balance and objectivity.

Pauline Hanson was a homegrown Australian citizen wrongfully imprisoned by the corrupt Queensland legal system and incarcerated for eleven weeks.

Released by a higher court, Hanson still waits for an apology from the disgraceful Beattie Government let alone compensation, yet Mr Burnside used all his skills in obtaining $500,000 compensation for an alleged victim of the ‘Stolen Generation’ who is whiter than me.

The bleeding heart, whining hand wringers stand condemned as a disgraceful and shameless mob who kept their pursed lips clamped tight as Hanson was railroaded in front of a perplexed nation.

Ordinary Australians will lose their cool one day.