In our fabulous Friday feature, we crunch the transcripts from the Sydney 7.45am ABC News Bulletin from Monday to Friday to take 400 pages of news and current events and squish it into this tag cloud for your perusal. This week was all about:


The week in numbers

$100 000: the annual household income needed to “comfortably” afford a mortgage, according to the Herald Sun.

$5.9 billion: how much Rupert Murdoch paid for the Wall Street Journal earlier this week.

43,000: the number of toys recalled by Fisher-Price across Australia.

5 – 2: the vote in the high court against Jihad Jack’s challenge that the Federal Government’s anti-terror laws have the power to defend against potential terrorist attacks.

60: the distance (in feet) the Mississippi River Bridge fell when it collapsed yesterday.

$525,000: the amount that Bruce Trevorrow, a member of the “Stolen Generation” was awarded by the SA Supreme Court for being removed by his parents by the state government in 1957.

$45 million: the amount the Federal Government has pledged to the small Mersey Hospital in Tasmania.

53.9: the percentage proportion of Australian households who depend on wages and salaries as their primary income source.

$7.20:  the estimated average fare price of a ferry ticket in Sydney if the service is privatised. The current average price is $3.25

350,000: the number of Sony Cyber-Shot digital cameras being recalled due to little adhesive strength in the metal coating.

$55:  the cost of an on-the-spot jaywalking fine in Melbourne being enforced for those who ignore traffic signals.