Kenya’s plastic bags crisis almost over. The war against the plastics menace in Kenya definitely entered the homestretch phase when the Finance Minister, during his Budget speech, announced a 120 per cent levy. This will subsequently lead to the ban from the local market of flimsy bags that have adversely affected the environment for many years. Already, the Nairobi City Council has made a positive move by banning plastic bags of less than 30 microns. –Kenya Times

Cannibalism the answer? [Some say] he combination of overpopulation and increasing greenhouses gases puts us on a path to destroy Mother Earth… unless we do something now. Two suggestions to prevent such disaster were unveiled this week: In England, scientists suggested creating restrictions on family sizes, to reduce the global population. Meanwhile, researchers in Japan suggest an end to eating meat, since producing beef is responsible for more pollution than driving a car for three hours. I have examined this problem and came up with a simple solution … cannibalism. – Greg Gutfield, FOX News

Oil spill in Canada. A major pipeline broke near a busy port in Canada yesterday, spewing thousands of litres of crude oil and causing homes to be evacuated amid environmental fears, local authorities said. The breach sent oil spilling into an ocean inlet near the Port of Vancouver, after a backhoe digging device hit a major pipeline in a residential neighbourhood. More than 100 homes were evacuated after crude oil spouted as high as a 10-storey building in the city of Burnaby. —

How long until virgin forests grow up? How long does it take to re-grow a rainforest after burning? A new study suggests 170 years. Radiocarbon dating of montane forest soils in Costa Rica uncovered evidence of charcoal that shows its otherwise “virgin” tropical forests are less than 200 years old. The findings, published in the journal Biotropica, have implications for the re-establishment of rain forests after clearing. — Mongabay