Melting glaciers and ice cap will drive sea level rise: Melting glaciers and ice caps will contribute more to global sea level rise this century than the melting of the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets, reports a study published in the current issue of Science. Analyzing satellite, aircraft and ground-based data from glaciers, ice caps, the Greenland ice sheet, the West Antarctic ice sheet and the East Antarctic ice sheet, an international team of researchers found that about 60 percent of total global sea rise from ice loss can be attributed to glaciers and ice caps, 28 percent from Greenland, and 12 percent from Antarctica. Monga Bay

California’s attack of the jumbo squid: Ferocious, pack-feeding jumbo squid have invaded waters off California’s central coast and are devouring local fish populations. Researchers say global warming and overfishing are likely to blame. Humboldt or jumbo squid (Dosidicus gigas) first appeared off Monterey, California during an El Niño event which warmed waters in 1997. Since 2002 they have taken up permanent residence. The findings offer a striking look at how multiple human-induced environmental changes are affecting ocean ecosystems. New Scientist

Southeast Europe sizzles, north hit by storms, tornado: Temperatures across central and southwest Europe threatened to top 42 degrees Celsius (107 Fahrenheit) on Saturday in a heat wave that has killed nine people in Romania and caused havoc from Hungary to Greece. While the region sizzled, parts of northern Europe shivered in unseasonably fresh weather and flash flooding forced Britain to call out its Royal Air Force to rescue hundreds of people stranded in central England. Poland was hit by a tornado, which is rare in Europe. Reuters

Most slaughtered whales ‘pregnant’: More than half the whales killed by Japanese whalers in the Antarctic last summer were pregnant, the Humane Society International (HSI) said today. The group said that of the 505 Antarctic minke whales killed, 262 of them were pregnant females, while one of the three giant fin whales killed was also pregnant. The Age