Using Robert Cialdini’s Five Weapons of Influence criteria, Bruce and Barry tell readers how they’ve managed to secure such a series of high powered, influential and well remunerated roles in companies like Qintex, HIH, AWB and OneTel, and how they became patrons of a variety of cultural institutions such as the Ballet and enjoy membership of some of the best Clubs in Australia.


Rule 6. Sponsor the Arts

Imagine how impressed your business colleagues will be when they see your name associated with the Ballet, Opera or other high brow and high profile cultural outfit.

In the past it has been mostly too expensive for the aspiring executive to become meaningfully involved in supporting the arts or culture. Fortunately however, these days most ‘establishment’ Cultural Institutions such as the Ballet etc are so starved of cash that they offer near-patron level benefits and naming rights from as little as $1,500 per year.

As you will probably need to attend some of the gala performances or special patrons-only events from time to time (even if only for the networking), try to choose the cultural form you like best (or can best stomach if it’s all a little pompous) so the experience is not too damaging (and remember you’re doing this to add to your CV, not to improve your cultural appreciation).

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