Using Robert Cialdini’s Five Weapons of Influence criteria, Bruce and Barry tell readers how they’ve managed to secure such a series of high powered, influential and well remunerated roles in companies like Qintex, HIH, AWB and OneTel, and how they became patrons of a variety of cultural institutions such as the Ballet and enjoy membership of some of the best Clubs in Australia.


Rule 4. The right car

The right car is essential and BMWs, perhaps more than any other car, mean success. And in Australia, BMWs mean mostly very recent success (old money always drive Rollers and Bentleys … which reminds me, I must send mine in for a service).

Fortunately 2nd hand BMWs look good and are quite inexpensive – colleagues tell us that they’ve seen them for under $15,000 on the highway. More importantly the external styling on BMWs only changes a little bit from year to year so an older model can still look quite up to date to the untutored eye.

Better still, try to buy a little seen exotic car, such as a Lotus or an Isdera. They are apparently quite cheap because they’re just awful to drive, break down regularly and have little local support, but they look very very swish and heads will turn.

This method is used with considerable success by real estate agents — they can’t all be wealthy but how many do you meet that don’t drive imported cars?

And remember, when attending a meeting or dinner, make sure your BMW is parked as close to the front door of the meeting venue as you can get it, so that your meeting partner will clearly see you stepping into and out of your prestigious vehicle.

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