Using Robert Cialdini’s Five Weapons of Influence criteria, Bruce and Barry tell readers how they’ve managed to secure such a series of high powered, influential and well remunerated roles in companies like Qintex, HIH, AWB and OneTel, and how they became patrons of a variety of cultural institutions such as the Ballet and enjoy membership of some of the best Clubs in Australia.


Rule 3. Never commit until the last moment

If you are ever invited to speak at an event, attend as a guest of honour or provide a high profile briefing, always agree but never absolutely commit, “I’ll have to check my diary but it should be fine’. About 2-3 weeks before the event make contact with the organiser and advise them that, “I may be away on <date>. I’ll know by tomorrow and will give you a call”.

The beauty of this play is that while there is zero chance that you would miss attending and being the centre of focus at the event, you manage to reinforce your scarcity and you keep yourself at the front of mind of the organisers. A lesser soul who might truly have to be away would wait until they knew for sure that they could not attend before they called, but that’s why they’re lesser souls.