Why has nobody commented on the controversial purchase of the Government VIP aircraft from Boeing when all advisers recommended Airbus? What role did Mr Peacock (former Minister, US ambassador then local Boeing chief) play in the final selection?

Sources in the US Navy say that a number of their Super Hornet aircraft were “shot down” during the recent Talisman Sabre exercise in Northern Australia. Would it be worth asking the Chief how many of these aircraft were “shot” down during the exercise and if this involved any of the Ruskie systems the opposing forces were using.

Regarding your article on housing stress and the marginals (yesterday, item 2), I would be delighted to be paying 30% of my gross income on my mortgage. In fact, I’d be delighted to be paying 40%. As a first home owner in the first year of my mortgage, I’m spending around 48% on paying off my loan — a figure that’s comparative with many other first home owners. And what are the Coalition and ALP doing? The Coalition has done nothing and Federal Labor’s making lots of noise, but is yet to offer any policy that will help people overcome the barriers to home ownership. Do they not realise how many votes are riding on this issue?

A dog was electrocuted in Werribee last week after peeing on a tree in a council park. The dog managed to hit a star picket which had somehow managed to hit an electrical line when it was hammered in for use as part of a tree guard. Lord knows how long the tree guard was electrified or how no kid or tree waterer was electrocuted as well. It’s still a mystery how the contractor wasn’t killed in hitting in the stake.