is being shopped around for interested buyers – rumours of buyers in the mortgage space taking an interest. Bell Potter is closely involved in sale and potentially conflicted due to equity stake in MyHome. Is this a record for NineMSN or an indication that the new owners will not cop losing businesses for any length of time?

Great disquiet from the Airline Partners Aust syndicate regarding what some members see as QANTAS taking their intellectual property (business plan) and putting it into action. They may attempt to recover costs.

I wouldn’t like the Crikey crowd to get the idea that the ALP stalwart (yesterday, item 2) was Robinson Crusoe. There are a great number of party members who are literally throwing the hands in the air at the antics of the Lennon government. When the great leader called for a majority government at the election last year, we put our shoulders to the wheel and he got what he wanted. Now we know why – a pulp mill, with a development at Ralph’s Bay to follow. Many of us wish we could wind the clock back and have a hung parliament because the current juggernaut grinds everything beneath its tracks. A hapless Upper House member has had the temerity to object to the way business is being done. Now he finds himself isolated, all but disowned by the ALP and subject to vicious personal attacks by politicians whose only virtue, if you can call it that, is blind loyalty to the leadership. As for the backbenchers, their cravenness is beyond belief. I don’t think there’s one complete spine between them. Those who have been bought off by the various lurks and perks now nod in approval as the slow-mo assassination campaign against Terry Martin continues. Others have been gifted with privately plated vehicles and the government picks up the tab for petrol. No wonder they are deaf when it comes to the complaints of the motoring public. How long Big Red can last is a moot point. It is general knowledge but one of the loudest sounds is that the sharpening steel but there is no logical alternative. The Left wants the pot but its favored candidate faces jail – it ain’t easy being Green. Now they’re scratching around like chooks looking for an alternative. Some of the newer male members are smiling in anticipation of dividing the spoils when the moment comes. There is a very bad stench in the state that makes one ashamed to be a Tasmanian. It’s reminiscent of Queensland under Joh, NSW and Victoria under governments of both persuasion, WA under Burke. It’s called corruption and when the face gets red, the eyes glazed and the mustache bristles in righteous indignation whenever Gunns and John Gay are mentioned, then the need for an Independent Commission into Corruption becomes even more necessary. There’s not a hope in hell that one can be set up and even if there were sufficient Independents in the Legislative Council to convene a committee system, most would probably slink away rather than be subject to roughhouse tactics.

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