Yesterday, MySpace launched its Impact Channel to provide a hub for the official MySpace pages of Australian politicians and non-profit organisations.

Finally, Australian politics has entered the present.

So what can the young folk learn so far? Knowledge is a powerful tool. And so, it would seem, are a few politicians.

  • 19 politicians have signed up to date, with Labor leading the charge: 11 Labor, 4 Liberal, 2 Greens, 1 Family First, 1 Democrat.
  • Prime Minister John Howard doesn’t have a personal page — something about not wanting to be tied to a commercial organisation.
  • There is a Howard Government page however. It has 8 friends.
  • Kevin Rudd has 2,480 friends.
  • Barack Obama has 140,803 friends.
  • Malcolm Turnbull’s site is pretty bare, but you can subscribe to his blog. He’s asking people to vote for Wentworth’s most loved tree.
  • Turnbull’s friend Steph says: “You’re way hotter than K-Rudd and Newhouse.”
  • Bob Brown tells you things you might not have known about him: he’s a twin, a keen photographer, and once saw Jimi Hendrix (kinda).
  • Our favourite Brown fact: You can subscribe to Bobcasts.
  • Brown has 165 friends, cool ones: His Holiness 14th Dalai Lama, Wolfmother, The Cat Empire and The John Butler Trio.
  • The John Butler Trio is also a friend of Robert Mugabe (unofficial), whose general interest is himself.
  • The John Butler Trio is fave listening for Greg Combet who also likes Paul Kelly, Powderfinger and Bernard Fanning.
  • The John Butler Trio is fave listening for Peter Garrett, along with Josh Pyke and Something for Kate.
  • Peter Garrett’s MySpace page is green, with an ocean view in the background.
  • Tanya Plibersek’s MySpace page is mauve.
  • Steve Ciobo, federal member for Moncrieff, would like to meet Edmund Barton and Jennifer Hawkins.
  • Kevin Rudd’s film turn-ons are Picnic at Hanging Rock, The Castle, Muriel’s Wedding, Been There — we think he means Being There — Austin Powers (all of them), and Shrek.
  • Rudd’s friend Shannon says: “I had a dream last night that you died due to a storm. And so did Paul Keating. It was a nightmare. I’m glad you’re alive. :(“
  • Rudd’s friend FROG-IN-A-BLENDER says: “I Like Aeroplane Jelly,
    Aeroplane Jelly For ME!”
  • Click on Joe Hockey’s site and you’ll be blasted with “Who let the dogs out”
  • Hockey is married and a Leo, and is a proud parent with interests in cricket, rugby, touch football and farming. He kicks back to the sounds of Phil Collins.
  • Julia Gillard welcomes people to her MySpace page with a video message: “Here on my profile on MySpace, you can get to know me better…”
  • Gillard’s friend Mylene writes: “I totally admire and respect you. I love the way you speak and your hair is pretty as. You are definitely a role model to people like me.”
  • Combet watches Australian Idol.
  • Hillary Clinton watches American Idol.
  • Peter Costello cries over Australian Idol. He doesn’t have a MySpace page.