The PM had a Beazley moment — Rove who? — this morning, making an awkward start to his whistle-stop tour of Tasmania. In Launceston he forgot the name of the Liberal candidate for the seat of Franklin in the state’s south-east.

She’s Dr Vanessa Goodwin. The chat on ABC radio was agony (To listen to the exchange, more painful in surround sound, click here):

Interviewer: Um, the candidate in Franklin … her name?


… the candidate in Franklin Prime Minister?

Howard: I … um I support all of my candidates …

Interviewer: What’s her name?

Howard: Ah, I’ve forgotten.

Dr Goodman, sorry, Goodwin, has obviously become no more memorable since 21 June this year. Workplace relations minister Joe Hockey racked his brain speaking with ABC Hobart (audio here):

Joe Hockey: Well, yeah, I’d say it has a long-term plan in, in trying to get union officials into seats. I think, you know, look, I’ve got a high regard for Harry Quick; I really do. And Harry has asked me to come down again, to visit the seat. I will do that. I think our candidate in Franklin is a, is a very good, very competent candidate.

Tim Cox: What’s her name?

Hockey: She’s – Vanessa – and…

Cox: Vanessa, um, Vanessa.

Hockey: Sorry?

Cox: Sorry what’s, what’s her last name?

Hockey: Sorry, I can’t hear you. Sorry Vanessa…

Cox: Vanessa …

Hockey: … Vanessa Goodwin.

Cox: Vanessa Goodwin.

Hockey: Yeah, of course it’s Vanessa.

Cox: That’s the one. Vanessa Goodwin.

Hockey: Dr Vanessa Goodwin.

Who is by now feeling the love?

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