Yesterday, Crikey ran the bias-o-meter over Australia’s best political bloggers. Here are their responses:

I am at once deeply honoured and completely freaked to have scored a mention in Crikey’s ‘Bias-O-Meter IV: The Blogosphere’ … it’s quite disconcerting to see oneself quantified so schematically. Very entertaining, though. — Pavlov’s Cat

Ten whole Karl Marxes? … I’m leftier than Tim Blair is righty (9). I’m leftier than what Crikey calls “the hard left” (8). If you went any further left you’d break the “bias-o-meter”. Can this really be true? — An Onymous Lefty

My bias is quite open (’Carlton’s lone classical liberal’), and I received the most votes in the best solo libertarian blog competition, but it seems that Crikey only rates me as a 1 on the right side of their bias-o-meter. My friends at Catallaxy, by contrast, score a 6. How can this be? — Andrew Norton

Latest missive from Crikey contains some pretty dodgy crud … Said crud is a political meter measuring Australian blogs from left-to-right in preparation for the 2007 Federal Election. The fuzzy logic of the meter considered, I still think it rests to (sic.) heavily on a false dichotomy. — The Thinker’s Podium