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Ross Stevenson and John Burns (3AW breakfast)

Stevenson is arguably the finest talk jock in the country with a quick wit, intellectual honesty and some savagery when it’s needed. Can beat up on all sides but errs Right, like most of his colleagues. It’s called populism.

Neil Mitchell (3AW mornings)

A regular appointment with Jeff Kennett every Thursday for seven years locked him in as a solid Liberal and the PM has given him plenty of time over the years. However, Mitchell is still a pro who can ask all-comers the tough questions, but relishes beating up on the unions.

Derryn Hinch (3AW drive)

The original shock jock whose primary bias is for himself and more attention – no matter who the victim is. Any shred of true political credibility was lost with his personal sponsorship of certain high fibre breakfast products. That and his liver issues.

Jon Faine (774 mornings)

A former member of the Labor Party and community lawyer who is a classic ABC lefty — he even has a beard! — a state in which inquisitive reason so often resembles bias. More than happy to heavily interrogate a defenceless grandmother along with pollies of all persuasions. A great and dogged interviewer. The topics he picks show a clear left-bias, which is appropriate for Auntie’s leading radio broadcaster across the country.

Lindy Burns (774 drive)

Soft-left, but politically inoffensive and too nice to maul anyone.


Alan Jones (2GB breakfast)

The Parrot rates, but there is debate over the extent of Jones’s political influence. Jones’s program, despite some syndication, is solidly Sydney centric. It is also argued that Jones’s strident conservative populism reflects the existing prejudices of his audience, and does little to change political views.

Ray Hadley (2GB mornings)

A right wing taxi driver who, despite occasional shouting matches with Ministers like Alexander Downer, preaches to the Parrot’s elderly conservative audience.

Mike Carlton and Peter FitzSimons (2UE breakfast)

The 2UE breakfast slot provides as oasis of millionaire lefties amid the yawning desert of wealthy right wingers in Sydney’s Southern Cross Broadcasting stable.

John Laws (2UE mornings)

Hardly seems to matter now. Paul Keating’s great buddy has walked a reasonable middle ground over the Howard years, seemingly more concerned with his bank balance than politics. It’s hard to be left wing when you’re worth more than $100 million.

Steve Price (2UE drive)

Built the ring wing formula that worked at 3AW and still a solid Liberal who can occasionally surprise on issues like Tampa and Pauline Hanson.

Virginia Trioli (702 mornings)

Works hard to project a feisty neutrality but beneath the surface lies an arts loving, latte sipping, Blahnik-shod inner-city lefty who is charming and intelligent to boot.

Richard Glover (702 drive)

See Lindy Burns, above.


Howard Sattler (6PR drive)

A walking embodiment of every redneck West Australian cliche.


Leon Byner (5AA mornings)

A smalltown shockjock who never lets considerations like consistency get in the way of a populist line. Had a few interesting commercial dealings, including some with Adelaide Lord Mayor Michael Harbison

Matthew Abraham and David Bevan (891 mornings)

Their very high opinion of themselves is not necessarily shared by listeners – the ratings flow and ebb – and definitely not by the South Australian state government. What should be South Australia’s best political coverage is spoilt by a precious air of self importance.