Tourism industry to tackle climate change at summit: Practical measures are needed to help the tourism industry survive what it says is the serious threat facing it of climate change, a peak industry group says. A National Tourism and Transport Climate Change Summit, to be held in Sydney on July 10, is likely to attract about 150 CEO-level delegates from the tourism, transport and infrastructure sectors as well as environmental experts and politicians. The Age

Climate change: Motorola good, Apple not great: Bad news for environmentally conscious people who want an iPhone: Apple Inc. is near the bottom of a new list that rates companies based on their efforts to stop climate change. While it doesn’t have quite the cache, Motorola Inc. would make a better choice of cell phone, if you care about efforts the vendor is making to improve its carbon footprint, according to the Climate Counts group. PC World 

Scientists try to solve mystery of vanished lake in Chile: A glacial lake on the southern tip of Chile has vanished, leaving behind a dry crater and a scientific mystery. Park rangers in Magallanes province, a remote wilderness 1,200 miles south of Santiago, were stunned to discover that the lake no longer existed. When last seen three months ago it had a surface area of 101,200 square metres (332,000 square feet) and was filled with icy water 30 metres (100ft) deep. Guardian

Paris sizzles, Mediterranean wilts: Paris will sizzle and much of the Mediterranean will wilt according to a new study which raises alarm bells about the heat the region will take from global warming. Today’s hottest days could become some of the summer’s coolest days by the end of the 21st century if the current rate of carbon dioxide emissions continues, the authors warn. Once-rare heat waves, like that of 2003 which killed 15,000 in France, will become more intense and more common as the number of dangerously hot days in the region increases 200 to 500 percent. France24

Uprooted trees: If trees fall in the middle of a city, does anyone make a sound? So far, not much of one–and that’s a problem. To most of us, city trees are to genuine forests what gardens are to jungles or fish tanks are to the ocean–pocket-size imitations of the wild world, decorative perhaps but playing no real role in the global ecosystem. But urban trees are a lot more important than that, and at the moment, they’re in decline. Time

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