The lads of the Come F-ck Me Union (which is what they call themselves), the CFMEU, no doubt like to think that they are at the vanguard of the proletarian struggle.

Actually, they’re more like the Bourbon kings. They have learned nothing and forgotten nothing.

As that nice Kevin Rudd prepares to throw Joe McDonald, the assistant secretary of the Western Australian CFMEU out of the party, Crikey went shopping with the bruvvers from the branch.

You can, too – online. Boy, are you spoilt for choice.

There’s the Scab Hunter belt buckle, which features a double-barrelled shottie pointed straight at the viewer. Subtle.

This motif is carried onto CFMEU braces, modeled here by their very own Zoolander.

Except rather than the shottie, the braces feature an automatic pistol. Like the one used in Melbourne on Monday.

Or you might like the hammer and sickle version.

There’s nothing like nostalgia for a regime that could provide its population with fully equipped torture houses but didn’t deliver on tampons and toilet paper, is there?

And talking about the good old days, don’t forget your BLF badge.

Ah yes, that was it. Dare to struggle, dare to win. Or lose.

“Australian working people ought not to have to put up with this in their workplaces,” Julia Gillard said this morning about the conduct of McDonald and his mates.

“We are cracking down on it now in Opposition, and in government we will be just as firm.”

Government? Government?

Julia, you might throw out McDonald, but these jokers should still be able to guarantee the Libs a fifth election win.

They’re far more effective than Crosby/Textor.