Another election indicator? A dinner with Labor leader Kevin Rudd was auctioned off for more than $15,000 as part of last night’s fundraising for the Parliamentary Press Gallery’s Midwinter Ball. Bidding for a trip to the cricket with John Howard didn’t even hit the ten grand mark.

A triumph for democracy. A new paper published by the Democratic Audit of Australia has found that the Australian Electoral Commission has become more proficient at expunging than at enrolling or re-enrolling voters.

The Tassie Taliban. Just who is behind these two YouTube, er, commentaries — Tasmanistan One and Tasmanistan Two — on life in the Apple Isle that are causing such a buzz?

That is Malcolm on Facebook. The Malcolm Turnbull Facebook page is genuine – as his kids have confirmed.

A curious choice of words. A Courier Mail headline on printergate, Ross Vasta et al, reads “Return of cash gets up noses”.

There’s that word again. From a Liberal Party’s propaganda email yesterday:

Employment growth to continue

The OECD’s latest Employment Outlook predicts Australia’s strong labour market performance will continue …

Under the Howard Government, a record 10.4 million people are employed in Australia.

Almost 360,000 of these jobs have been created since the Government’s WorkChoices reforms …