Only at “Our ABC” could you follow a “final realignment” with “interim arrangements”, but that’s what ABC TV Director, Kim Dalton, has told staff about the latest moves in the ABC Factual area:

Following on from the announcement of the final ABC TV realignment plans, it will be necessary to put in place interim arrangements for managing development and production in the Factual area, as there will be a number of key milestones reached over the next few months.

The “final ABC TV realignment plans” is a nice way of describing the shake-up a few weeks ago that saw the head of Factual, Denise Eriksen, decide to leave and the head of ABC Children’s TV, Claire Henderson, also forced out.

“In addition to this, Peter McEvoy will be returning to ABC TV, and Alison Black and Erik Dwyer will not be renewing their contracts with ABC TV later this year,” Dalton told staff yesterday.

Black has been supervising EP for the Factual Unit’s prime time programs, including the successful Choir of Hard Knocks. She will finish up at the ABC on August 24th.

Dwyer, who has worked in development for the factual area and is currently working on the live to air panel presentation and discussion following the broadcast of The Great Global Warming Swindle, will continue as executive producer of Difference Of Opinion through to the end of the year.

Former Media Watch EP, Peter McEvoy, returns in August and will take up the position of Executive Producer Factual, effectively replacing Dwyer.

The ABC has been struggling with how to deal with McEvoy who has been a staunch defender of the “old style” Media Watch against attacks from the barkers of the right, both in the media (Gerard Henderson, Piers Akerman) and the ABC board, especially Janet Albrechtsen who was pinged by McEvoy and Media Watch several years ago for allegedly misquoting someone in her column in The Australian.

McEvoy will be Supervising EP Factual with responsibility for Difference of Opinion, Catalyst, Compass and Message Stick, from August 20 to November 16.