Media coverage of the virtual world Second Life tends to fall into the s-x/gambling/corporate marketing continuum, but there’s an enormous range of activities going on, including enough politics to satisfy any Crikey reader.

With Americans going to the polls late next year, the virtual campaign has already begun, with a range of Democrat and Republican candidates in Second Life. Hillary Clinton, John Edwards and Barack Obama are well and truly established and the Republican Party are no slouches either with a candidate line-up for Second Life residents to vote on. All that said, it is very much a combined polling and marketing exercise for the candidates – lots of show and passive information you can get via traditional websites anyway.

The Europeans on the other hand, have taken to political activity in Second Life in a much more immersive way. There’s been everything from a referendum debate between Romanian Second Life users to Venezuelan protests over President Hugo Chavez’s closure of an opposition-controlled TV station.