“Revealed: Rudd told to ignore good news,” a Sydney Morning Herald headline screams today.

Kevin Rudd has been advised to ignore evidence showing the economy is becoming more productive and instead concentrate on older data that suggests productivity is stagnant, a confidential briefing document reveals,” the yarn continues.

How did the notes get out there? Crikey understands that the Labor leader left them on the podium after a speech at Canberra’s Hawker College yesterday. His staff rushed back to get them, but it was too late.

Some light-fingered journo, picking up their tape recorder, saw they were there. Then again, maybe a cameraman spotted them — although camos usually behave better. Or he may have even left them on a table after chatting with some students.

Crikey has heard a few theories on just who lifted them. 

It’s said the miscreant circulated them to a couple of other outlets — and Peter Costello’s office — to cover their tracks.

But Crikey also hears that one of the TV networks may well have caught the offender on tape.

Stay tuned for further revelations.

Whatever the case, Rudd was unrattled when asked about the issue at a doorstop this morning. He ignored questions about whether he’d get the federal police involved. Wise man.