Greenest energy is energy saved: Barely a day goes by without talk of climate change. The latest scientific reports have shown it is happening and that human activity is responsible. If we are to move beyond talk and prevarication, we need urgent solutions. Renewable energy, carbon capture and biofuels are among the main solutions put forward to mitigate climate change. They are valid methods and must be pursued but the truth is that most of the technologies are either not ripe, still too expensive or have unwanted side effects. — Economic Times

G8 climate deal signals a breakthrough: It is full of political wriggle-room, it does not send clear signals for business investment and it offers no certainty that the climate will be saved from irreversible damage – but for all these failings, the G8 summit looks like a breakthrough in the long Euro-American stand-off over climate policy. In the words of one European policy adviser: “While Europe has been itching on the starting blocks for the past decade, Bush has been sulking in the changing room. At least he is now on the track.” — BBC

Protesters thrown overboard after police ram Greenpeace vessels: Protests at Germany’s G8 summit took a spectacular turn yesterday as police launched a high-speed boat chase through the Baltic and rammed two Greenpeace inflatable speed boats which had breached a maritime security zone, pitching crew members overboard and injuring three. Dramatic television footage of the chase shot from helicopters showed a small armada of Greenpeace inflatable boats driven by outboard motors speeding into a 10-kilometre wide security zone off the seaside resort of Heiligendamm hosting the summit, taking police patrol boats completely by surprise. — Independent

Caribbean’s reef-building coral at risk: Six species of reef-building coral could vanish from the Caribbean due to rising temperatures and toxic runoff from islands’ development, according to a study released Thursday. Nearly two dozen scientists from U.S. and Caribbean universities, as well as nonprofits, identified the threatened species while reviewing studies and scientific data at a March conference in Dominica. — Washington Post

Memo humans: stop breeding like bunnies: When kangaroo numbers rise beyond the land’s ability to sustain them, we cull them. When rabbits breed like, well, rabbits, we poison them. Given the terrible damage that billions of humans are inflicting on Earth, why are we not controlling our numbers, albeit in more humane ways? Now that we Australians are up a dry creek with nothing to paddle in, we’re finally starting to think about the big, hot pickle we’re in. We’re flailing about for solutions to global warming, but no one seems to want to raise a critical, bleedin’ obvious source of the problem — there are too many of us. The Age