Emails to Fin Review subscribers and a double-page spread in the paper’s Friday edition have raised the question of how much the AFR is really worth.

If you wander into your newsagent daily you’ll pay $2.50. If you subscribe five days a week, it’s $695 a year and more for the Saturday edition, which many companies take automatically, despite the lifestyle section being a repeat.

But wait, as they say in retailing, there’s more, as outlined in the double-page spread and in Thursday’s email to subscribers.

Here’s what Michael Gill, the head of Fairfax Business Media, and the bloke with his job on the line, told those subscribers yesterday:

As a subscriber to The Australian Financial Review, you already benefit from the daily habit of successful people and now you can access Australia’s most respected authority in business, investment and financial news no matter where you are in the world with The Australian Financial Review digital edition.

Read Today’s Paper Online View the complete paper as it appeared in print. With each article, photo and chart, “turn” each page as you would a normal paper. Six Days of Content Access full archives from The Australian Financial Review digital edition for the last 6 days.

Ideal solution for the Business Traveller Access the paper anywhere there is an internet connection. You can continue the daily habit of successful people not matter where you are. Search Use keywords including names, places or subject to search through today’s paper allowing you to find articles that you are looking for.

Exclusive Offer: The digital edition is available to 5 or 6 day subscribers, directly with Fairfax, of The Australian Financial Review for $30 per month.

Stay informed and keep up to date with what is happening in the market that may affect your investments. You will need your print subscriber number and postcode to sign up.”

$30 bucks a month, but it would seem punters who don’t subscribe can choose one of five packages from “Essential” at $25 a month to a top package for an unspecified amount.

So if you are a five- or six-day a week subscriber, why would you pay over $1000 a year to get the AFR. Take the and save money, and if you want to check on your company, drop into the newsagent, flick to the companies index and see if your group is there.

That’s what the smart readers are doing, and why those rumours that editor Glen Burge wants to eliminate that index won’t go away.