Kerri-Anne Kennerley has done it again, somehow charming her latest victim, Industrial Relations Minister Joe Hockey, into donning a pair of Shrek ears and explaining the government’s complex industrial relations reforms in a poor Scottish accent.

She’s convinced Kevin to dance the rhumba , enticed Costello into performing the Macarena and tasted Mark Latham’s Thai curry and this morning on Mornings with Kerri-Anne, KAK invited Mr Hockey to indulge in a bit of role play.

Kerri-Anne kicked off the proceedings, assuming the role of Shrek’s wife, Princess Fiona.

“Now my employer knows I am pregnant he’s giving me fewer shifts — what are my rights under the new Australian Workplace Agreement, Shrek?” she asked.

Mr Hockey (aka Shrek) yelled out in response:

“I’ll protect ya, Fiona. I’ll protect ya. It’s unlawful, Fiona. The good government is gonna rescue you, Fiona.”

Watch the entire excruciating exchange here .