We asked, you provided. Yesterday Richard Farmer beoaned the lack of anything even remotely whistleable at last week’s Liberal Federal Council. The following readers suggested appropriate songs that John and Kevin might use for future electioneering.

Greg Hughes writes: Every election time, I dust off my ancient Punk Hard Drive, and put Richard Butler and the Psychedelic Furs on high rotation. President Gas never goes out of style, no matter who the Turkeys (sorry, candidates) are. On the same partition, John Winston could do a duet with Sid Vicious with My Way; can’t you just imagine the video. Even if you couldn’t do much with the hair, one could Mohawk the eyebrows. Frightening. On the other hand, Devo’s Working in a Coal Mine identifies with the battlers and the environment. Kevin could cover We are Devo, or in a more megalomaniac mood, how about Howard Devoto’s Magazine and The Light Pours out of Me? Let’s not forget the understudies. Anything by Attila the Stockbroker would suit Costello. It’s vicious, it’s nasty, but that’s Punk, so let’s have The Tubes and Don’t Touch me There for Julia.

Leslie Cowles writes: It’s just for the title really, but for Kevin Rudd: Ryan Adams’ Damn, Sam (I Love A Woman That Rains)…

Peter Ward writes: Howard’s is Trust Me by Janice Joplin: “Trust in me, baby, give me time, gimme time, um gimme time. I heard somebody say, oh, ‘the older the grape, Sweeter the wine, sweeter the wine.'” Turnbull’s is Reason 41 by The Alarm: “I went searching in the desert. Where it just began to rain. And I met up with this drunken bum who said he’d ‘lost his name”. He said, ‘I put it in this bottle and it drifted out to sea’. I said, ‘there is no water here’ and he walked away from me.” Rudd’s is Something Stupid by Frank Sinatra: “Practise every day to find some clever lines to say. To make the meaning come through. But then I think I’ll wait until the evening gets late. And I’m alone with you.”

Jim Carden writes: Howard: Stand by Your Man — Tammy Wynette (“You’ll have bad times, while he’ll have good times, doing things you don’t understand”). Howard: Janette’s Got a Gun (apologies to Aerosmith). Rudd: Therese, Therese (apologies to Blondie). Bob Brown: Stuck in the Middle (“Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right, here I am”). Coalition: I Forgot to Remember to Forget (Elvis Presley).

Phil Teece writes: Howard once said — amazingly — that he liked Dylan (Ah, but he didn’t listen to the words). How about the Minnesota bard’s It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue.

Gary Butzin writes: Try an old American one, Jesse James (his alias when he was done in was none other than John Howard).

Margot Saville writes: Surely John Howard’s theme song would be Dave Warner’s Just a Suburban Boy: “And I know what it’s like, to be rejected every night…”