China unveils climate action plan: China unveiled its first climate-change action plan on 3 June, while stressing it will not sacrifice its economic ambitions to international demands to cut Greenhouse gas emissions. Speaking at the action plan’s launch, Ma Kai, director of China’s National Development and Reform Commission –which steers climate change policy — said that the nation must address climate change in order to sustainably develop its economy. New Scientist

Real, if tepid, support for Bush’s climate-change plan: President George W. Bush’s shift last week toward cutting worldwide emissions linked to global warming was greeted with widespread scepticism. But mixed in with the doubts was a substantial dose of support, albeit conditional. To some scientists, officials and experts immersed for years in troubled treaty talks under the United Nations, Bush’s new plan is a potentially useful tool for gaining a new consensus. International Herald Tribune

Canada joins US as worst performer on climate change: The US and Canada come in last under WWF’s Climate Scorecards, which rate each of the G8 countries’ performance on climate change. The US’s bottom ranking underscores a disconnect between President Bush’s announcement last week and ongoing US attempts to block progress at G8 negotiations aimed at stopping dangerous climate change, says WWF. WWF’s Climate Scorecards give a comparable snapshot of climate policies in G8 countries, covering recent and expected emissions, and key response activities by G8 governments. Marketwire

10-20% of birds extinct by 2100 due to global warming, deforestation: Ten to 20% of the world’s terrestrial bird species could be threatened with extinction by 2100 due to climate change and habitat destruction reports a study published in the June 5 issue of the journal PLoS Biology … Combining future projections on global warming, agricultural expansion and human population growth from the global Millennium Ecosystem Assessment with current geographic ranges of the world’s 8,750 species of terrestrial birds, researchers Walter Jetz, David Wilcove, and Andrew Dobson estimate that 950 to 1800 species may be condemned to extinction by 2100. Monga Bay

Public concern over climate change jumps: Global concern about climate change has risen dramatically over the last six months and consumers increasingly expect their governments to act, according to a survey published on Tuesday. The survey by the Nielsen company and Oxford University’s Environmental Change Institute, found 42% of global online consumers believe governments should restrict companies’ emissions of carbon dioxide and other pollutants. Reuters