One night down, 22 days left to go: Paris Hilton completed the first night of her probation sentence this morning in her strange new surroundings – a county jail cell that will be her home for much of the next month. — The Mercury News

Paris’ latest photoshoot: The hotel empire heiress, who has typified the modern idea that someone can be famous for being famous, had clearly made an effort to appear presentable as she was booked in to the Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood, California, just after 11:30pm local time to serve 23 days for violating her probation in an alcohol-related reckless driving case. — The Scotsman

The lawyer reports back:  Paris Hilton is coping as well as possible with an “unjust, unfair” sentence alone in a tiny cell 23 hours a day, her lawyer said Monday after visiting the heiress. — People Magazine

New Weekly magazine confirms, that yes, Paris will be eating devon on the inside:  

And takes us on a tour of Hilton’s jail cell, including the harsh soap:  


Weighty foreign affairs for SBS: Celebrity socialite Paris Hilton has begun her sentence at a Los Angeles prison, surrendering herself early to avoid the media. — SBS World News

Hilton’s mugshot hits the Smoking Gun gallery: Hilton posed for the below left mug shot after her September 2006 arrest. The second booking photo was taken when she surrendered to Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department to begin her brief sentence. — The Smoking Gun

Paris Hilton, terrorist: Say what you will about Paris Hilton, but if the genius-level self-promoter had decided that the best way to attract some media attention was to get involved in a plot to blow up a major metropolitan airport, the evil scheme would not have been quite so easily foiled. — Defamer

LBD swapped for a jumpsuit: Paris Hilton, the heiress turned celebrity bad girl, spent her first full day in a Los Angeles women’s prison yesterday after a whirlwind weekend in which she found herself mercilessly teased at an awards show and then, two days earlier than expected, swapped her strapless black evening dress for an orange jumpsuit. — The Independent

MTV humiliation: If you watched the MTV Movie Awards last night you probably would’ve seen this clip, of host Sarah Silverman tearing into Paris Hilton as the cameras are fixed on Paris’ face. It’s basically one whole minute of Paris Hilton trying not to cry as everybody in the room cheers her being sent to prison. – The Superficial

Nicole Richie goes ice skating: Forget visiting hours. Nicole Richie headed over to an Ice Skating Ring while poor Paris was living the real Simple Life on lock down. — Celebrity Puke

Richard Simmons Prays for Paris:

Richard Simmons