And with one leap he was free? Yesterday’s Galaxy poll that put the parties 53/47 has certainly delivered a boost to the government.

It also seems to have swamped leadership talk, too – or for the time being, anyway.

There’s no Newspoll today, either. But if nature abhors a vacuum, then the unnatural world of election year politics positively loathes one.

The Galaxy figures have been picked over, and now the polling itself is coming under close scrutiny.

And a good number of members of the media-spin industrial complex are wondering if Galaxy’s polling was just a little too pushy. Pushy in the push polling sense – leading respondents to conclusions.

The full questions and findings are up on the Mumble Politics site.

Galaxy have a good reputation. The voting intention numbers certainly look legit – more likely than last weeks Newspoll. Galaxy also asked “who will you vote for” first.

It’s the qualitative questions that have raised a few eyebrows:

Which one of these best describes your preference for the ALP?

  • Kevin Rudd and the Labor Party is a better alternative.
  • The Howard Government has lost your trust.
  • You are sick of John Howard.
  • After 11 years it’s time for a change

Which of the following concerns, if any, do you have about the prospect of Kevin Rudd and the Labor Party running the Australian economy?

  • Trade Unions would have too much influence.
  • Interest rates would be likely to rise.
  • The Rudd team is too inexperienced.
  • A Rudd Government would run up too much debt.

That second question seems as if it’s straight out of the Textor textbook from the days when he was a Territory tearaway, some sources say.

Crikey understands that the questions were chosen by News Limited, who commissioned the poll.

And Crikey has heard more than a few grumbles and rumbles that ask why there weren’t questions on IR, climate change or Iraq – questions that could have lead to negative stories on the government.

Clearly, everyone is already in a heightened state of election alert.