The PM’s report suggests an emissions trading scheme should commence in 2012, more than four years from now. So here’s a few stats on how much carbon we will produce waiting for the paper-shufflers to check, re-check, and sign off on the details of the scheme. At 2005 levels:

  • Australia will produce another 2236.4 million tonnes of greenhouse gas;
  • The electricity, gas and water economic sector will produce 35.6% of that figure, or 796 million tonnes of greenhouse gas equivalent;
  • Agriculture forestry and fishing will contribute a further 512.8 million tonnes;
  • Each Australian person will contribute another 110.4 tonnes of greenhouse gases;
  • The services, construction and transport sector will produce 157.6 million tonnes of greenhouse gases from buying and using electricity;
  • Total residential emissions will be approximately 408 million tonnes;
  • Private transport use will have contributed approximately 188 million tonnes;
  • At projected 2010 levels, deforestation will have contributed a further 216 million tonnes of greenhouse gas.