Forget Big Brother, the “real” reality BB is happening at SBS.

The public broadcaster recently joined the alliance for free speech in the media – what a joke! Ever since Shaun Brown became MD things have been turning positively orwellian at Sex Before Soccer.

For many years SBS has aired Hotline – a viewer feedback program that showed both positve and often negative comments every week from viewers. Recently there had been some negative responses to the one hour news format which were aired on Hotline.

Well managment didn’t like it when free speech was actually being put to air on their station so Hotline producers/presenter were “spoken to”. Now Hotline has been axed. This was the last in house program (apart from news/sport) that SBS made.

Shaun Brown said in the last Senate estimates that there would be some “natural attrition” at SBS. He has dismantled the entire local production department with a loss of at least 30 jobs and dismantled much of the sport department.

Journalists now sign AWAs with clauses that state that SBS may monitor email & phone calls. The bloke from subtitling who sent that great email to management about how “happy” we all are is getting fired and they removed the email enmass from our inboxes.

Dateline has been told it’s too grim, too lighten up its stories and its EP has been told his contract won’t be renewed.

Interestingly our head of news & c’affairs Paul Cutler used to work for CNN and wow presto we have a new one hour bulletin & a new deal with CNN and we’re screening tons of CNN stories.