Don’t know if you’ve heard … Adele Ferguson is quitting Crosby Textor. The ex-BRW journo moved to CT Financial last year but kept a column at The Australian, creating a conflict of interest minefield. She’s now moving to a more full-time position at The Oz: column + some kind of round. Real question is, who’s going to manage the competing egos in the now bumper business section of The Oz? And what is The Oz up to?

Our ever-alert DFAT mole has come up with some very interesting news emanating from, of all places, Lome, the capital of Togo. As Crikey was reaching for an atlas, the mole explained: Togo is nestled between Ghana and Benin and is under the control of a strict dictatorship and, like most African countries,is rife with corruption. We gather the mole has seen reports emanating from Lome — he wouldn’t identify the author, but as Australia is represented in Ghana it’s not hard to guess. The message is that the building boom in Lome, which is of huge proportions, is being financed by some high-ranking Indonesian officials allegedly using tsunami relief funds. The mole says there’s more to come — and it’s not nice. Crikey was reminded the Australian Government was a huge relief donor and this information might just explain why the rebuilding of the worst-affected tsunami areas is going at snail’s pace.