Let’s play a little politics quiz. Who said: “If you’re running a show which is as large as that and you don’t really have the time to check all the details, you’re relying on the advice that you’re provided internally.” Was it?

A. John Howard denying any knowledge of the AWB wheat-for-weapons scandal?

B. Alexander Downer denying any knowledge of the AWB wheat-for-weapons scandal?

C. Mark Vaille denying any knowledge of the AWB wheat-for-weapons scandal?

The answer, of course, is D. It was Kevin Rudd, talking about his wife’s business interests yesterday.

The Government’s got so much form on this sort of stuff, they don’t dare mount a counter-offensive, so the Opposition Leader gets away with such rank hypocrisy. That’s politics, folks.

And in other family news, the Labor leader said yesterday his lobbyist brother will have no dealings with the federal government if the ALP wins office. There appears to have been some confusion there, too.

Kevin Rudd released a statement last night saying it was his brother Greg’s proposal to have no commercial dealings with a federal Labor government. Earlier, media had got the impression from the Opposition Leader’s office that the idea had been (Kevin) Rudd’s.

Crikey understand that Greg Rudd’s relations with the Queensland Government should ensure he doesn’t starve. Crikey also understands that his NSW operations are pretty limited, but if Labor wins the next election, odd are that Morris Iemma would take a call from the PM’s brother. As, no doubt, would Steve Bracks, Alan Carpenter, Mike Rann, Paul Lennon, Clare Martin and Jon Stanhope.