Hard wind: Marshland St James is an isolated, functional, centre-less village, little more than a ribbon of houses along a country road surrounded by farms. In the far west of Norfolk, close to the borders with Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire, it is a place that locals describe as “bandit country”. It is not a place you expect an issue of national importance to find its focus. But on Monday, just a few days before the government released its white paper on energy, a local farmer was found dead in a drainage canal close to his home. Guardian

Autumn blooms as the new spring: Autumn is the season of decay, when much of the plant kingdom dies back and begins to hibernate in preparation for winter. Not so in Victoria this autumn, with plants flowering, trees budding and vegetables growing thanks to unseasonably warm weather. Native hyacinth orchids are just one type of flora that is more than a little addled by the weather changes. The Age

Climate change a ‘huge threat to super’: Climate change is a huge risk not only to the environment but also to superannuation, say industry players. Carbon dioxide (Co2) and its role in climate change have not been more topical, nor more alarming. Catholic Super chief investment officer Tim Hughes said climate change was the “biggest long-term risk we face”, but also presents great possibilities to capture opportunities. SMH

China drought hits water supplies to 1.6 million: Nearly 1 million people in China’s western province of Gansu are short of drinking water as the area faces its worst drought in 60 years, the official Xinhua agency reported late on Thursday. Another 760,000 residents in neighbouring Sichuan are also facing shortages, even though heavy rains in the southwest caused flash floods and landslides that killed 21 and forced 112,000 to evacuate their homes. AlertNet

Call for ‘green collar’ workers: As green business blooms, so will the need for ‘green-collar’ workers, but the question of who should train this workforce remains controversial. Green is in vogue in the business community right now, and several companies recently announced major monetary commitments to environmentally friendly programs. Monsters and Critics