Australians: angry, stressed, sick, doped to the eyeballs and not wanting to share any of it — if you believe the statistics reported in the news.

One in every 126 Australians received help from the government’s Supported Accommodation Assistance Program (SAAP) in 2005-06. — The Age

One in twenty Australians live abroad. — NZ Herald 

One in twenty Australians suffer from either binge-eating disorder or other extreme fasting and purging behaviours. — The SMH

One in twenty Australians own a copy of Queen’s Greatest Hits album —

One in eight Australian children live in families affected by drug or alcohol abuse. — Canberra Times

One in eight young Australians are extremely overweight. — The Sydney Morning Herald

One in five Australians believe the government is trustworthy on protecting the environment. — Herald Sun

Nearly one in five Australians are affected by Cardiovascular disease. —

One in five Australians suffer from myopia. —

One in five Australians rank being ripped off as their top travel annoyance, once on the ground. —

Around one in four employees say fellow workers take illegal drugs at work, a survey has found. — The Daily Telegraph

One in three strokes in NSW is caused by smoking, despite more than two decades of anti-smoking campaigns, new figures show. — The Age

One in three homeless Australians is a child. — St Vincent de Paul Society CEO Dr John Falzon, Catholic News

Only one in three Australians gets their daily dose of intimacy, though around 75% said they thought about it at least once a day. —

One in three Australians have a chance of becoming disabled for more than three months before turning 65. —

One in three people state that being made redundant was one of the most stressful life experiences, rating it 5 on a scale of 1 to 5. — The Sydney Morning Herald

One in three people in Torres Strait Islander communities now has diabetes. — ABC News

One in three Australian parents find it hard to persuade their children to share. — The Brisbane Times

One in two older Australians (over 65) have coronary artery disease. — AM Program

One in two Australians believe it is acceptable to spend between $2,000 and $6,000 on purchasing an engagement ring for their partner. — The Daily Telegraph