Do your bit: help a pollie with a lame excuse for not meeting the Dalai Lama on his Australian tour.

If our nation’s political leaders can’t find time to meet a Nobel peace laureate, the leader of 350 million Buddhists, and an ambassador for the fast-disappearing Tibetan culture, surely they do better than, “Sorry, no room in the diary.” Here are some free options for politicians generously supplied by Crikey readers:

Cameron McLoughlin writes: He’s not on the negotiating team for the FTA with China.

Dan writes: The recent rain has dampened my incense so badly it won’t light and the wood on my prayer wheel has swollen so badly it won’t turn.

Simon Plunkett writes: I could not possibly meet with the Dalai Lama. His name rhymes Obama and Osama and we know how dangerous that makes him. I am surprised he was given a visa.

Helen Lyons-Riley writes: I cannot meet the Dalai Lama as Jerry Falwell is going to arise again, very soon, and I am needed to print the press releases.

Dani Arlow writes: I met him in a past lifetime.

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