The Finsia story has extra spice. Finsia has a contract with Rainmaker (Publisher of the Financial Standard) to publish all their magazines and newsletters.

The word from some in the know in Tasmania is that the numbers are being sought to get rid of Premier Paul Lennon and replace him with relatively new Education Minister, David Bartlett.

The Nine Network balls are being slowly reincorporated back into the network logo. After a disastrous $4.5-5m logo revamp last year, where the Nine balls were dumped on advice from a logo consultant, a decision has been made to quietly restore the old Nine logo because the new one has been a disaster. Truckloads of the old logo stationary were taken away and dumped last year. Now it’s being quietly brought back … and in the hope that no one will notice … they’re going to have the existing (failed) square Nine logo spinning to reveal the balls.

Look at John Howard’s cheeks and under-jaw — tight and smooth, n’est-ce pas? How many other near-seventy men are like that, so unlined and face-fallen? Me suspects a little op. plus botox.

Federal Government is considering some form of legal action against the ACTU over its anti-IR laws campaign — no details known of the cause of action (… imagination needed!) at this stage but a source within the ACTU indicates they are preparing for impending action.