Pauline Hanson has been busy campaigning in north Queensland in an effort to land herself a Senate seat as an independent.

But Pauline’s political fortunes don’t look too good if her book sales are anything to go by. Despite a healthy boost of pre-release publicity care of the magic combination of David Oldfield, a s-xual liaison at a Canberra hotel, a lie detector and TT, according to booksellers, Untamed and Unashamed, has sold roughly 7000 copies Australia wide.

Not a bad run for a little outfit like self-help book publishers JoJo, whose titles include A Pig Called Pete — the First Adventure of a Purple Flying Pig Called Pete and the inspirational Paws for Thought — Animal Wisdom for Your Day.

And it’s certainly not bombing as big as Cathy Freeman’s ill-fated biography, Cathy Freeman — her own story, published by Penguin back in 2003.

But let’s put the sales in context. According to Nielsen Bookscan figures, Untamed & Unashamed, which was released in early March, has sold 556 copies (in bookstores around the nation) in the last week. It’s currently ranked 190th in the bestsellers list.

The Secret — the self-help guide that promises the secrets of the universe — is currently ranked at number one on the list. It sold 23,000 copies this week.

To be fair, Pauline Hanson hasn’t been endorsed by Oprah, so let’s compare the patriotic fish and chipper to a couple of other notable female personalities who’ve recently released books:

Little Sophie Delezio’s story Sophie’s Journey by Sally Collings has sold 11,000 in the last week. That other inspirational Australian lady, Schapelle Corby, has sold approximately 120,000 copies of My Story since its release just before Christmas. It sold 17,000 copies in its first week of its release.

Joanne Lees’ version of events,  No Turning Back, has sold roughly 50,000 copies so far.

Crikey doesn’t have the numbers that really count — how well Pauline is selling in her home state — but we do know that it’s not setting Forest Hill shopping centre on fire.

In an effort to boost Pauline’s sales ahead of her tilt at Parliament, here are a couple of titivating extracts:

Within hours of delivering my maiden speech, my world was turned upside down. I had no idea of the coming impact of what I had said in the speech and never guessed it would hit so many nerves. Two topics in particular, Aboriginal issues and immigration, grabbed the media and sent it into a feeding frenzy. It was just the beginning …

and this:

I heard the clanging of the basement roller-door being opened and the van began to move. My name was called — ‘Pauline, Pauline.’ At the same time I heard the thud of someone banging on the outside of the van. Flashes from cameras kit the inside of my compartment as photographers rushed the van to try to capture a picture of me through the tiny grilled windows. I huddled further into my seat and buried my face in my hands, trying to stem the tears. This was not how I wanted my family or the Australian public to see me on the front pages of tomorrow’s newspapers …”

Then there’s Chapter 05 Married at Sixteen, Chapter 07 The Fish & Chip Shop and perhaps the secret to why the book isn’t taking off — Chapter 15 David Oldfield.

If Queensland booksellers can tell a different tale — ie, Pauline’s selling like hotcakes — email us at [email protected]