The APEC conference in Sydney in September is likely to be a problem for Howard and is sure to generate motorist and pedestrian rage. As details dribble out about the demands by foreign security agents, particularly the US Secret Service, it is shaping as a complete disaster.

The Sydney CBD block bordered by Macquarie St, King and George Sts and Circular Quay will be ‘declared zones’ and there will be random personal searches in the area with intense surveillance by ASIO.

There will be check points through which the public will have to pass. The security net will actually spread across a huge triangle with its points at the Convention Centre in Darling Harbor, the Opera House and Government House.

Foreign security agencies will carry their own weapons and be allowed to enforce their own security on Australian soil. And this is just what has already been leaked out.

Who will be the target for citizens rage? Why John Howard, who will be pictured on TV news every night in the company of such lovable folk as George Bush and Russian quasi dictator, Putin.

Calling all Sydneysiders: if you’ve heard of other ways that you’ll be inconvenienced by APEC, channel your rage by emailing Crikey at [email protected].