Clinton’s green loan for Melbourne: Some of the world’s largest cities, including Melbourne, will be provided with loans to make their buildings more energy efficient under a plan by former US president Bill Clinton. Mr Clinton encouraged five of the largest global financial institutions — ABN AMRO, the Citigroup, Deutsche Bank, JPMorgan Chase and UBS — to pledge $US1 billion ($A1.2 billion) each for the program. — The Age

Earth’s natural defences against climate change ‘beginning to fail’: The earth’s ability to soak up the gases causing global warming is beginning to fail because of rising temperatures, in a long-feared sign of “positive feedback,” new research reveals today. Climate change itself is weakening one of the principal “sinks” absorbing carbon dioxide – the Southern Ocean around Antarctica – a new study has found. — Independent

Coral diseases largely result from human activities: The apparent increase in infectious disease among coral is likely the result of environmental change and, as such, researchers should focus on understanding the relationship between coral diseases and environmental changes, rather than the diseases themselves. — Monga Bay

Suing over SONAR: HONOLULU — Five environmental groups is suing the Navy over sonar exercises off the coast of Hawaii that they say harm whales. Earthjustice filed the lawsuit in federal court in Honolulu on Wednesday, citing studies saying Navy sonar can “kill, injure, or significantly alter the behavior of whales and dolphins.” — Environmental News Network

Faltering sponges: One of the most important of the natural sponges which soak up carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is working 30% less efficiently than quarter of a century ago, researchers say. The Southern Ocean is responsible for soaking up the annual CO2 contribution of the UK and the Netherlands combined, but the study shows that the ocean is absorbing the same quantity of the gas as it was 24 years ago. — The Guardian