There’s been no budget bounce for the government in the latest Morgan Poll of federal voting intention.

Morgan has Labor’s primary vote down just 0.5% to 51% and the Coalition climbing just 0.5% to 36%. The Greens are up one point to 8% and other parties are on 5%.

The two party preferred vote splits in Labor’s favour 59.5 to 40.5%. Labor has lost just 0.5% and the Coalition has only gained the same over the poll period.

The poll perceptions have shown more movement. Forty nine per cent of voters think the ALP will win the next election, a drop of 6%. Thirty eight per cent say the government will be returned, a rise of 5%, while 13% — up one — can’t say.

Even this might be good for Labor, though. Kevin Rudd needs protest votes to win a good majority. Anything that helps the perception he isn’t home and dry will help with this.