KAK n Kim – Who got it right? The TV rivals wore the floral blue Karen Millen frock at the same time, but who wore it best? Crikey readers released their inner b-tch and cast their vote.

Fox FM’s Adam Richard gave us the back story: ” I was harping on about how much I loved it in my segment on 9am, having just seen KAK in it minutes earlier on a monitor elsewhere. I thought Kim looked best, however. (Not just because I’m on the show and she’s a mate. The dress looked better with her colouring, the blonde hair and bold print made KAK look like a gold coast trophy bride wearing “the dress formerly known as curtains”). Dress would have been supplied by the Karen Millen store in Melbourne for 9am and Sydney for KAK, unaware that they were doubling up. (one would hope…). I’m chockers with useless information.”

Crikey reader Sue was not impressed: “they’re both AWFUL, dreadful, horrid – need I go on?” Neither was Jacinta, who called Millen’s creation a “very ugly dress.” Jenny Morris pointed out a fashion faux pas over at Aunty: “Seen on the ABC in the last few months, Ally Moore on Lateline Business in the same white jacket Monica Attard sometimes wears on Media Watch. You’d think wardrobe could afford some more outfits for the gals. And while we’re on the subject, what has Tracey Grimshaw done to her face?”

But Jeff Walsh does not discriminate, “I think they both got it right. I’d love to be in the middle of that sandwich…” Even David Reyne got caught in the crossfire, raising Rob’s ire, “he definitely got it wrong…even at the height of the Miami Vice it was a bad look!” For now, KAK remains the undisputed Queen of Daytime TV, she won with 75% of the vote. — Sophie Black

The Chaser confirms Hilaly is not fit to represent Muslims. It’s not everyday that one can find lessons in religious and community leadership in an episode of The Chaser’s War On Everything. But the response of Sheik Hilaly to a good-humoured 1.5 minute skit entitled “Sheik Gaffe Tape” hardly warranted the response he gave. Lawyer and comedian Julian Morrow approached the Sheik to see if he’d prepare to wear gaffe tape on his way overseas, in accordance with a previous offer he’d made last November. The Sheik’s response spoke volumes. He told Morrow: “Your tongue has no manners. I’ll punch you in the face to teach you some manners. You are stupid. Your tongue’s getting you into trouble. You’re racist.” At one stage, Sheik Hilaly even lifted his arm as if to assault Morrow. Over 50% of Muslims are aged under 30. The ratio of Muslims born in Australia to those born in Lebanon is at least 3:1. This is a very young community, many of whom are quite frustrated with media and politicians bagging them out. The Sheik should know all this. Had he been aware of what kind of shows many young Australians (including Muslims) watch, he should have been able to recognise Morrow straight away. He could have played along quite easily and had a few laughs on Morrow. He should have known that Morrow’s intention was satire, not insult. Instead, a very ugly side of the Sheik was shown. The audience picked this up immediately. The Sheik’s inability to lighten up when faced with a comic situation shows to me he simply isn’t in tune with how young people entertain themselves. And so a bunch of comics provide yet more evidence that Sheik Hilaly should consider retiring and writing his memoirs. — Irfan Yusuf

An Age insider writes: The Age’s Andra Jackson has been taken off covering refugees and asylum seekers because of a shortage of general reporters (although she was still working on general anyway) and because it was deemed refugees and asylum seekers are the province of the social affairs round. In particular, it is considered that religion and refugee coverage should be handled together. She was told not to write any more stories on the subject. The awards she has won for the Cornelia Rau story:

  • Quill for best print story in 2006 and a mention in the gold Quills category
  • Human Rights and Equal opportunity Commission best print story award for 2005. Walkley Award finalist in 2005
  • The Australian Arabic Council Media award for 2004 for the Last Man on Manus Island story.

Today Tonight journalist Bryan Seymour, currently at the centre of a defamation suit from Mercedes Corby, makes a public plea — “don’t judge”. Click here to watch.

How desperate are the AFL and Foxtel? Parents of children participating in Auskick, an AFL development program, in NSW have reported receiving a letter in recent days, addressed to their children and signed by senior AFL and Foxtel executives, offering the child (and presumably the parents) a so-called special deal on Foxtel, which includes free installation and the first month free. That is no better than the general “special offer” being pushed by Foxtel on TV at the moment. In reality Foxtel and the AFL are engaging in a nasty piece of marketing: by writing to the child and saying… “you can get all the AFL games on Foxtel” they are encouraging the kids to badger their parents for a Foxtel sub. Rather than market to the parents direct, Foxtel and the AFL (a close partnership given the way the AFL rewrote its broadcast contract to force Seven and Ten to deal with Foxtel) have chosen to go the sleazy route of approaching kids who are aged from five to 12. I wonder what the National Australia Bank, which sponsors Auskick (which had more than 147,000 kids playing last winter) feels about the AFL and Foxtel muddying its message by approaching the kids in NSW (I don’t know about other states). — Glenn Dyer

Last night’s TV ratings
The Winners: A win to Seven but Nine and Ten were kept in the race by the continuing success of the ABC’s 8.30-9.30pm line-up: Spicks and Specks and The Chaser, which were again the standouts on the night. Seven News averaged 1.592 million, The Chaser’s War On Everything was second with 1.484 million and Spicks And Specks was third with 1.391 million. Today Tonight was next with 1.380 million, followed by House (1.356 million), Police Files Unlocked (1.313 million), Nine News (1.241 million) and Last Chance Learners (1.210 million). Home And Away had 1.185 million, McLeod’s Daughters averaged 1.184 million, A Current Affair was next with 1.177 million, The New Inventors on the ABC at 8pm had 1.138 million, the 7pm ABC News averaged 1.097 million and Temptation had 1.055 million. Nine’s Cold Case averaged 1.026 million at 8.30pm, just in front of Seven’s Heroes with 1.014 million.

The Losers: None really last night. Seven’s Prison Break is a bit soggy with 933,000; Big Brother at 7pm, likewise with 966,000. Viewers liked the choice on all networks and the ABC did well because it was entertaining and not so worthy.

News & CA: Seven News again won nationally and in every market and Today Tonight won everywhere bar Adelaide where ACA won. Both Seven News and TT won by more than 300,000 viewers. It’s getting to be time for some action at Nine. Ten News averaged 803,000 and the Late News/Sports Tonight averaged 423,000. Nightline 275,000. With the News and Red Kerry in the million viewers club on a big night Lateline was solid with 296,000 viewers and Lateline Business likewise with 163,000. SBS Dateline averaged 175,000 and SBS News, 187,000 at 6.30pm and 176,000 at 9.30pm. 7am Sunrise 427,000; 7am Today, 234,000.

The Stats: Seven won with a share of 27.8% (28.5% last week) from Nine with 25.9% (24.3%) , with Ten down on 21.8% (24.0%), the ABC up sharply to 20.3% (18.7%) and SBS on 4.2% (4.6%). Seven won Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Nine won Melbourne and Adelaide. Ten finished fourth in Sydney with the ABC third! Seven leads the week 29.3% to 25.6% for Nine. In regional areas it was again a different result with WIN/NBN doing it for Nine with 30.9%, Prime/7Qld was on 25.0%, Southern Cross (Ten) on 21.0%, the ABC on 18.1% and SBS on 5.0%.

Glenn Dyer’s comments: If the chaps from the Chaser were really serious they’d be stalking each other for next week’s program such has been their rise and rise and rise this year. By stripping younger viewers away from Seven and Ten (Nine doesn’t have many), it and Spicks and Specks (which does skew older than The Chaser) effectively limited the size of the beating suffered by Nine last night as its core older viewers stayed loyal. Viewers rewarded the ABC for entertainment at 8.30pm and a bit of risk taking in The Chaser at 9pm. No wonder the commercials want to buy them, just to remove them from the scene (remember the fate of The Fat at Seven!). Tonight RPA, Where Are They Now and the AFL and NRL Footy Shows will make Nine the winner. Nine also has Getaway. Seven has How I Met Your Mother, Earl, Lost and The Amazing Race, Ten has Jamie Oliver, BB and the two Law And Orders, SVU and CI. The ABC has a doco on Spartacus (not Kirk Douglas or Russell Crowe) and a rough/raw comedy doco which looks interesting.