Forget the ABC’s Bastard Boys, Australian conservatives would be better off targeting Channel Nine for political bias.

McLeod’s Daughters might be renowned beauties but they’re pretty bolshie, too. And they’re fired up about WorkChoices.

Check out the exploration of AWAs in this little scene: strong stuff (watch it  here).

EPISODE 183, “Conflicts of Interest”

Channel Nine rundown: “Phil (the Mayor) fires Patrick so he can rehire him on a new workplace agreement. Patrick quits and Tayler refuses Phil’s offer to step into the gap. But with her car desperately needing repairs, Tayler secretly starts working for Phil again. Patrick is furious when he discovers her duplicity, but forgives her when he finds a baby joey and realises just how much Tayler needs her car.”

The girls of Drovers Run are also fighting Phil and the council’s attempts to put a toxic waste dump on their property.


Phil: “It’s not actually your choice, you either sign this contract or I have to employ someone else … it’s either my way or…”

Patrick: “I’ll take the highway.”

Choice is something that the Government’s also keen to drop.

WorkChoices has become a damaged brand, which is why the term is “quickly but quietly” disappearing from the Federal Government’s lexicon, according to The SMH today.

Workplace Relations Minister Joe Hockey and other senior ministers have dropped it. Moreover, “it appears nowhere in the wordy, full-page advertisements the Government ran this month to promote John Howard’s ‘fairness test’ amendment”, notes The SMH.  The new ads direct people to, not the old

A plot worthy of Orwell. Or McLeod’s Daughters.