Falwell: Let his record speak for itself. I read Falwell’s materials, I listened to his speeches, I watched his interviews, and got a real sense for who this man was and what he devoted his life to. In literally every instance, I was repelled and appalled. I’ll document Jerry Falwell’s professional life and let his record speak for itself. — The Carpetbagger Report

The Devil and Jerry Falwell. Falwell’s most enduring legacy is likely to be his role in turning evangelical Christianity into an important part of the political right. But many will always remember him foremost as a bigot, gay-baiter, and anti-Semite. — Slate

The Deities weigh in on Falwell’s afterlife destination. Don’t ask me how I got this level of access, but we’re just in time to liveblog the remainder of the meeting. Deities representing the planet’s major religions are having a particularly difficult time deciding the ultimate fate of evangelist Jerry Falwell, who died earlier today. Let’s listen in. Jesus Christ currently has the floor. — Daily Kos

Rev. Jerry Falwell’s greatest hits. Jerry Falwell, the founder of the Moral Majority and significant leader in the religious right, died today at 73 in his Liberty University office. We thought that Falwell’s passing would be an appropriate time to publish a list of his best known quotes. — Voices of American Sexuality

Jerry Falwell: In his own words. He was a true fire-and-brimstone preacher who founded a college, Liberty University, that presumably is trying to carry on with his proud tradition of judging others unnecessarily harshly. Here are a few quotes from Jerry Falwell, lest any of us forget what sort of man Jerry Falwell really was. — Living The Scientific Life

Jerry Falwell, 1933-2007. I received a phone call 30 minutes ago that Jerry Falwell has died. Don’t you believe it! He is more alive right now than he has ever been. He left “the land of the dying” and entered the “land of the living.” That is the way that he would see it, and all of us who love the Lord Jesus should agree. — Founders Ministries Blog

And just to square the ledger: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JoAHR3B1zw0