Africa not prepared for climate change: Africa is likely to suffer some of the worst effects of climate change and is ill-prepared to cope, officials said on Monday, advocating better access for the continent to world carbon markets. Changing climatic conditions from cyclones to forest fires are already spurring poor, rural Africans to move to cities, in a rapid and often chaotic wave of urbanisation. IOL

Action urged on patio heaters: The Government must introduce tough regulations and taxes on energy-inefficient appliances like patio heaters and plasma TVs, or risk missing future targets for reducing Greenhouse emissions. Speaking ahead of the release of the energy white paper in two weeks, energy policy researchers say measures might need to include taxes on wasteful electrical equipment. Guardian

Environmental groups join forces: Some Americans think of the environmental community as a fractious bunch of free-thinkers, that if you put two of them together they would generate at least three different opinions. But now two groups — the Pew Charitable Trusts environmental program and the National Environmental Trust — are trying to buck that reputation by combining to form the Pew Environment Group. The merger, to be announced today, highlights a shift among green groups toward campaign-oriented advocacy. Washington Post

Adapt or die: Anisur Rahman is the mayor of a village that is literally disappearing beneath his feet. He knows how this is happening but not why. His village, Antarpara, used to straddle one of the great rivers of Asia, the Brahmaputra. Like the Ganges, the Brahmaputra originates as snow melt in the Himalayas before pouring down through the low plain that is Bangladesh to the Indian Ocean. Centuries of practice have taught people how to cope with the annual flooding of the Brahmaputra. The Nation

Climate change triggers farm revolution in arid grain belt: Farmer Ed Fagan inspects the rows of seeds sown by his global positioning system-guided seeder in a field on his land near the New South Wales town of Cowra, 250 kilometres west of Sydney. The best April rain in 10 years fell across southern and eastern Australia growing areas after years of drought and farmers are eager to use technology to help them to fight the effect of climate change. Times Online